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Camp Kandu is coming!!

An exciting and life-changing camp will take place on November 8 and 9 at Twin Lakes Camp in Florence, Mississippi.  An energetic buzz will fill the air as children from around Mississippi arrive alongside their family members and friends.  The tree house will sit ready, games will await their players, and crafts will prepare to be turned to artistic masterpieces.  These campers, though, will be unique.  This is camp for the brave children of Mississippi living with diabetes.  This is Camp Kandu, a camp created to provide a fun, safe, and educational environment allowing children with diabetes and their family to see beyond their diagnosis to a life without limits. 

Camp Kandu is a semi-annual, two day camp hosted by the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi that merges fun and education The programs for Camp Kandu are targeted at newly diagnosed children and their families, but campers are welcome to return year after year.  Education programs are focused on daily caretaking as well as managing the emotional and psychological effects of diabetes.  All of this takes place in a traditional camp setting allowing campers to let loose as they learn that they “can do” anything! 

Perhaps the biggest service Camp Kandu provides is one that cannot come from a well-rehearsed lecture or an information filled book.  As meals are shared and games are played, relationships develop.  Parents meet other parents fighting alongside their children.  Children meet other children checking their blood-sugar throughout the day.  These new friendships and the camaraderie developed are the key to life-long diabetes care and are at the heart of Camp Kandu. 

The hope for Camp Kandu is that every person leaves knowing children with diabetes can live full lives unhindered by diabetes!

Camp Kandu is free of charge for all children in Mississippi with diabetes.  Help the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi continue to provide this service by making a generous donation today.

Team Up To Tackle Diabetes!

Seven Walks, One Mission

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373,000 men, women and children in Mississippi are estimated to have diabetes. The Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi will host seven walks in the fall all around the state of Mississippi! Money raised from these walks helps to fund what we do everyday- school educational   programs, We Care 2 backpacks, grants for Diabetes Alert Dogs, and donations of emergency medical supplies are all made possible through our favorite fundraiser. While most may refer to the fall as football season, we like to think of it as Walk season!

Marshall Ramsey's Design for 2014This year's theme is "Team up to Tackle Diabetes". Wear your favorite sports team's colors or jersey! Design a team T-shirt based on our theme and enter it in our T-shirt contest!

WALK! Come and be a part of the fun while helping those with diabetes! We would love to have you, your family members, peers, coworkers, and neighbors all join in our walk against diabetes!



TEAM UP! To create a team page or a fundraiser for yourself or your team, so that others can make online donations to you, please click here to go to Crowdrise, watch the short instructional video, choose your walk location and set up a donation page.

For more information about how to help, flyers to print, cool fundraising ideas and team information, Click Here!

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