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    We Have Been Busy in 2016!

    See where your walk team donations go! We still haven't put on our Sweet Subject School Programs or "Diabetes On Call" information for people with diabetes or health fairs.

    The cost of some insulin has risen over 6 times
    since 2002.  Average wages and cost of
    manufacture have remained virtually the same.

    Treating Lows

    Amount of carb required to bring lows back up into 120s taking into account current blood glucose levels and body weight.

    Click for this awesome chart for Treating Hypoglycemia = Low Blood Sugar

    (data from Diabetes Self Management.)

    Circle of Honor

    Mary Fortune, Executive Vice President of the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi presents the Elsie Meadows Hood Platinum Circle of Honor Award to Larry Favreau, past CEO of Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, for his many years of steadfast support in the fight against diabetes in our state. Randy Johns, FLMI, ACS, Executive Vice President and CEO, SFBLI, is pictured to the right.

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