Mississippi's Walks for Diabetes!

The DFM is the only diabetes organization in Mississippi that keeps your donations in the state to help fellow Mississippians.  Your fundraising will not only help newly diagnosed children receive backpacks of information and provide a lifeline to their parents, but will also assist those with diabetes in our state get the medications and information they need in order to live well with diabetes!!  Your donations will help educate teachers about how to properly care for their students with diabetes throughout the school day, advocate for diabetes legislation, and so much more.  

If you have diabetes, or love someone who does, the DFM is already part of your support crew.  Please join the walk nearest you and be part of ours!

2020 Walks for Diabetes

 Join us this fall for the walk nearest you!

Walk Date Time Location Honorees/Memorials
Gulf Coast Saturday, September 12 Reg. 9:00AM Walk 10:00AM Jones Park  


Meridian Sunday, October 4 Reg. 1:00PM Walk 2:00PM Bonita Lakes Park
Jackson  Sunday,   October 11 Reg. 1:00PM  Walk 2:00PM Southern Farm Bureau Life
Hattiesburg  Sunday,   October 18 Reg. 1:00PM Walk 2:00PM Longleaf Trace,   USM Gateway Honoring Robert & Sam Bateman
Golden Triangle Sunday, October 25 Reg. 1:00PM  Walk 2:00PM Riverwalk
Oxford Sunday, November 1 Reg. 1:00PM Walk 2:00PM Lyceum Loop


To print a registration form to fill out and send in with your donation, click Paper Registration Form

Remember to check back often and follow the DFM Facebook page for updates.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us for more details.