Corvette Classic

Love cars? Love the classics? Then this event is for you! The Mississippi Corvette Club, Inc. announced that it will host its annual Mississippi Corvette Classic at the Jackson Convention Complex on Saturday, August 3, 2019. The doors will be open to the public from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Admission will be $5.00 for all over the age of 12. The net proceeds from this event will benefit the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi. Corvettes from all 7 generations will be on display in a fun, air conditioned environment. Live music will be provided. There will be food, games, and a silent auction. The show floor will be surrounded by vendor booths offering quality goods and services.

Visit for additional information or to register YOUR corvette.

Great Geezer Run -- Zane Hodge's 2021 Fundraiser

Great Geezer Run for Diabetes imageFor the past seventeen years, Zane Hodge has taught English, Film, and Bible for Mississippi Delta Community College.  When he is not teaching, or pastoring Centerville Baptist Church, he can be found swimming laps at Twin Rivers or running the streets of Greenwood or lifting weights in his backyard gym.
10 years ago, Zane started the Chicot Challenge, an annual, open water marathon swim which he uses for raising awareness of diabetes and funds for the Diabetes Foundation of MS.  He has, in past years swum with the names of the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi's Kandu Kids sharpied onto him for inspiration, and swam 23 miles continuously in 2016.
As a change of pace for 2021, he is planning to run from his home in Greenwood, Mississippi to the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi's office in Ridgeland, Mississippi.  Zane says, "...the stage run to Ridgeland is the thing that grabs my imagination and shakes it like a fiest dog shaking a squirrel."
Right now, Zane's plan is to run about 20 miles a day.
He will leave home in Greenwood on May 6th or 7th, and hopes run down Highway 430 as possible - maybe to Blackhawk. His wife, Penny, will pick him up and take him to stay with family for the night.
Day two (May 7-8)  Zane will be dropped off where he stopped on day one and he plans to run to West where he will meet a friend who has graciously agreed to house him for the night.
By day 3, (May 8-9) Zane wants to be in Pickens. At Pickens, there is nowhere for him to stay. So he will need to locate lodging or have someone take him to a hotel in Canton.
Day 4 (May 9-10) A friend will return him to the place he left off so he can run back to Canton to stay there again.
Day 5, (May 10-11) Zane plans to finish at the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi's Office in Ridgeland.
"A plan of this sort is always a gamble because the training load has to be high and the injury rate low. In fact, any injury will derail the whole thing in a moment."
But as our Mars rover, Perseverence, says, "Dare Mighty Things!"

Why he does it:
1. to raise awareness of the dangers of developing diabetes. The Mississippi Delta is in the epicenter of the worldwide diabetes epidemic.     We are all at  risk, but we can take steps to prevent this disease.
2. to raise funds for the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi.
3. Zane hopes to prevent himself from becoming a diabetic through his athletic adventures. This condition runs in his family.
4. Zane hopes to inspire others to exercise and take control of their health.

Keep up with Zane’s training and plans on his blog and by subscribing to his his channel on YouTube.


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